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Matrix Bailiff Services Ltd. is a flexible, hands-on, family-run business of
professional bailiffs with 25 years experience servicing clients.

We combine discreet, respectful and personalized service with competitive pricing and the experience of BC government licensed and bonded bailiffs. Our long-term clients include Canada's top finance companies, banks, credit unions, lawyers and major auto makers. Our bailiffs are experienced with and knowledgeable in the Debt Collection Act and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. We keep our business in-house and our costs low, allowing us to deliver fast, cost-effective and hassle-free service, competitively priced. Our bailiffs maintain and exceptional level of knowledge, experience and professionalism unsurpassed in our field.


Services Overview

Matrix has a diverse set of services available to you, including; Process serving, Repossessions, Skip Locating, Bad debt collection, Field / phone collection calls and Rent distress. View Our Services for complete details.

Our Network

Matrix Bailiff Services has provided our clients with professional services for 25 years and during that time we have developed a network of contacts with professional wholesalers and auctions throughout British Columbia and Alberta as well as our North American Process Serving contacts.

Available 24/7

We provide fast, dependable and excellent service to individuals, law firms, corporations and other professionals. We pride ourselves on being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Do you think you need a Bailiff? We can help find a solution for you!


BAILIFF Services

Our experienced and professional Bailiff services include:

Personal Property Repossession

For seizure of vehicles, goods, equipment, and personal property pursuant to a mortgage, lease agreement, rental agreement, conditional sales agreement, or sales agreement with retention of title.

Commercial Rent Distress

Under the Rent Distress Act of British Columbia a Landlord can employ a Bailiff to collect rent as soon as it becomes due. On your instruction the tenant business can continue to operate or not. Rent can be collected ongoing or immediately via sale. Lease in place or No Lease in place, our trained and professional staff can assist you in achieving the best and most cost effective solution for all parties.

Field / Phone Collection Calls

We will make contact with your client in a noninvasive way. We will act as a mediator in order to re-establish contact with your client in order to have your monies paid to you.


Repairer's Lien Repossession

If you are a mechanic or repairer looking to collect for unpaid services performed, we can assist you.

Warehouseman's Lien Repossession

As a warehouseman, you have a lien on goods deposited for storage covering the value of your reasonable charges. Consolidated can help you collect unpaid rent.

Mini-Storage Seizure

If you are a self storage owner or operator and are owed money by renters, we can help you collect.

Do you think you need a Bailiff? We can help find a solution for you!



Learn more about our experienced and professional Process Serving services

Matrix Bailiff Services Ltd. is regulated by and adheres to the Consumer Protection BC laws. As a result of our licensing, we are held to a higher standard during the process serving cycle. All of our process servers are fluent in English and are trained how to be courteous and professional at all times, including empathy, avoiding confrontation and in the event of conflict, diffusing the situation.

We provide a personal approach through direct contact with our licensed, bonded and experienced bailiffs / process servers and we are an industry leader when it comes to fast, accurate service. We will provide you with regular follow ups and you are notified immediately when the job is complete. Our completion standards are 100% guaranteed via personal service or court-ordered sub serve order. You gain piece of mind knowing the most knowledgeable and professional process servers in the industry are working on your behalf. No gimmicks or hidden costs.

Services include:

Serve Subpoenas

Serve Notices of Civil Claim

Garnishing Orders

Name and Personal Property Searches

Document Filing

Flat rate fee schedule:

Service on one person at one location - FLAT RATE

Service on second person at same location - FLAT RATE

Service on law firms, banks etc. - FLAT RATE

Each additional attempt - N/C

Waiting time per hour - N/C

Mileage fee / KM - N/C

Courier charge - N/C

Rush surcharge (24 hours or less) - N/C

Written report - N/C

Tolls - N/C

Expenses as applicable - N/C


Email files for service - N/C

Do you think you need a Bailiff? We can help find a solution for you!


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